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In July of 2006, on my son's 5th birthday, I suffered a traumatic head/neurological event that was never definitively diagnosed. The best guess that any of the doctors had was that I had 2 TIAs (mini strokes), but I also lost the ability to walk without assistance or speak fluently for the next three months. I was pretty much confined to bed and needed live in care. I was a mom of three young boys, a runner and had eaten a pretty healthy diet by most standards prior to this. I had no known health issues and led a busy active life. Despite a full neurological workup, ruling out a brain aneurism 3 times, and many trips to the ER, I wasn't getting better or finding any answers. My life, as I had known it, was over.

Three months later, in October, I went to an MD who had a very different approach. At my very first visit with her she began testing my gut function. I kept thinking she didn't hear me - I had a head injury! Every other doctor and specialist had been looking at my head and here she was looking at my gut. Hmm...

We discovered that I had a gluten intolerance, systemic candida, an unknown mold exposure, an autoimmune problem and a parasite, in addition to a heavy metal toxicity which I had previously known about and didn't think was a big deal. Other than a short course of antiparasitics and antibiotics, the rest of my approach to healing was nutrition based. In January I found a physical therapist and personal trainer to help me ease back into working out in a supported way. By May I had trained and was prepared for a half marathon. So in 7 months I had gone from not being able to walk without assistance, to running 13.1 miles. It was a powerful experience of food as medicine. The key was not only discovering what not to eat, but also in giving my body the nutrients it needed to heal and thrive. My doctor wanted me to start talking with other patients about the food I was eating and that eventually led me to the decision to go back to school and attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. I had been a social worker previously and this felt like the perfect next step.

While at IIN I studied over 100 dietary theories and was taught by some of the greatest minds in nutrition and wellness - Deepak Chopra, MD - Mind Body Medicine; David Wolfe - an authority on raw foods; Sally Fallon - The leader in the field of Traditional foods; John Douillard, MD - AyurvedicPhysician; Walter Willett, MD - Chairman of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health; David Katz, MD - Director of Yale Prevention Research Center; Neal Barnard, MD - Founding President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Bernie Siegel, MD - Expert in healing, love and patient empowerment; and so many more brilliant and cutting edge leaders in the field of nutrition and wellness. The teacher who influenced me the most was Mark Hyman, MD who is a world leader of Functional Medicine - the approach that gave me my life back. Actually, after I healed, I was better than I had ever been before and I knew that I had to use my knowledge of nutrition and combine it with my love of cooking to help people lead thriving, vibrant lives once again. From this, It's All Connected Natural Health & Living was born.



About Me

A native Vermonter, mom to three amazing sons, married to an incredible chef, living in Vermont with our giant breed cat, our giant breed dog and we periodically have eclectic laying hens.

I have figured out how to live a delicious life while avoiding gluten and the 13 other foods that I have a gluten cross reactivity to. I love recipe development, meal planning and cooking. Every bite should be nourishing and delicious.

Having been identified with four autoimmune conditions, it became essential for me to find the best food for my body. I thrive eating an organic, mostly Paleo/Ketogenic diet with very low sugar intake. I believe that each individual is unique and work with each client at their own pace to upgrade their lives.