Coconut Turmeric Ginger Latte

Before I started following a ketogenic lifestyle, my hot morning drink was pretty limited to a cup of tea. I would mix up the type on occasion, but it was usually Genmaicha which is a green tea with toasted rice. I used to love coffee. OK, that's not true, I used to massively over-consume coffee, but I discovered 4 years ago that I have a gluten cross reactivity to it. Yup. No gluten in sight, but my immune system reacts otherwise. I was told this info by a Naturopath looking at my Cyrex Labs test results while I was sipping what became my last cuppa Joe. That meant no more lattes too. Well, at least that's what I thought it meant.

I was delighted to discover Leanne Vogel's Rocket Fueled Latte's in her book The Keto Diet, loving referred to as RFL's by her followers. They bring the whole concept of adding fat to your morning drink to a whole new level. Once I had the basic idea, I started creating all sorts of variations. Some mornings I have them in addition to breakfast, and some days they just are my breakfast. I enjoy seeing how many variations I can create. There is one for every mood.

Here's what I made this morning.

3/4 C full fat coconut milk (from a can, already blended to incorporate fat layer) heated in a pot

1 Rishi turmeric ginger teabag steeping in 1/2 C boiled water

1 T coconut oil

1 T MCT oil

1 scoop Mega food Daily Turmeric (has black pepper and a polyphenol blend of fruit and herb extracts)

1 T Great Lakes Collagen

1 t ground turmeric

1/2 t ground ginger

Sprinkle of Pure Monk to taste

Put all of the above in a blender to mix. Pour into mug and dust with ground nutmeg.

DELICIOUS fat fueled way to start the day loaded with incredible anti-inflammatory and gut healing benefits.

Marcos: fat 91%/protein 6%/carbs 3% (it is possible that the carbs are a smidge higher because no macros are listed on label)