Mojo Wraps

Mojo Wraps

Mojo Wraps

 One day last summer, while having a lovingly prepared lunch at my dear friend Lynette Raap's house, I had the incredible good fortune of tasting her delicious raw wraps. I fell in love with them! She shared her recipe with me and I made a few small changes to make these a bit closer to being keto - friendly. While their macro ratio isn't quite in classic keto range, they can easily become a part of a keto meal by adding yummy fats like avocado, mayo, aioli, sauce or dip to your meal. They not only work well as a wrap for sandwiches, but they also fill in quite nicely for tortillas and tacos. I even brought a couple to my favorite food truck, Taco Gordo,  on a Friday night at Art's Riot Truck Stop, and they happily made my tacos with them. (Taco Gordo is seriously the best.) You will need a blender and dehydrator for this recipe.



1 med zucchini- chopped

1 lg carrot

1.5 lg onions

1/4 c evoo

1T coconut aminos 

1c ground flaxseed

1c pumpkin seeds 

1/2c cucumber 

1/2c almond flour



Mix it all in blender and pour onto 4 dehydrator sheets (Excalibur square silicone sheets). Spread out evenly in thin layer. Dehydrate for 24 hrs at 110*. Flip halfway through (or so). Makes 4 big sheets, cut into 4. 16 servings.

You may be able to put on parchment paper and dehydrate in a low oven, but you'll need extra hands to spread it out evenly on paper.

Each serving has 8.95 gms fat, 2.67 gms protein and 6.8 carbs. 

Ratios are 48% fat, 14% protein, 36% carb

Paleo/Dairy Free/Grain Free/Gluten Free/Soy Free/Sugar Free/Vegetarian/Keto friendly (as long as you load them up with yummy fats)





Mojo wraps